We are an award winning charity & global partner of lululemon's Here to Be programme

Lumi Foundation is a fresh way of thinking about health and happiness. It doesn’t involve changing the way you look and striving to be someone you’re not. It doesn’t dwell on your problems and it doesn’t focus on your past.


Instead, we support you to believe in yourself. We empower you with tools and techniques to help you move beyond any limiting beliefs so that you can see what you’re capable of and what already lies within.​

We help you to feel comfortable in your body, whether you’re young or old, active or immobile, and we help you enjoy a greater sense of wellbeing, no matter what challenges life may throw at you.​

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We provide you with a supportive community so that you can learn, grow and thrive with others.

"I love the range of teachers, who are so caring, helpful and sensitive in their approach to teaching yoga"


Yvonne, London


If you would like to volunteer your time and support the Lumi Foundation, we would love to hear from you


If you are looking to bring affordable yoga to your charity or community, contact us and we can help


There are many ways for a business to support our charity.  Please get in touch for some ideas

We believe in the power of you.

We believe in the power of possibility.

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