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Yoga Classes

We know how intimidating it can feel to come to your first yoga class, but rest assured, you will be welcomed by a smile and a friendly, supportive community from the moment you step through the door or log on to an online class. 

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We offer a range of classes to suit all abilities and all ages – everyone is welcome.

Our regular classes include yoga specially designed for you in our core areas: Community, Chair, Yin and Children & Young People.



A flowing yoga class with a dynamic set of postures that connects movement to breath. Our signature class will nourish your body, mind and spirit.
You'll build strength and flexibility in your body, learn to focus and quieten your mind, while relaxing and rejuvenating your whole self. Expect to feel revitalised, energised and filled with a sense of possibility.

Suitable for all levels - with plenty of modifications given to assist you.


A gentle and modified version of our Community class, which allows you to reap all the benefits of yoga while practising in a chair. This class makes yoga accessible to anyone who has limited mobility, difficulty standing, would like the support of a chair or to practise yoga at their desk.
You'll increase your bodily awareness, improve mobility, flexibility and strength, while soothing your mind and easing any tension. Expect to feel uplifted, energised and ready to face your day.



Yin yoga is a slow and deep practice where poses are held for longer to help to improve flexibility and release tension. It focuses on stretching the connective tissue in your body. These classes are designed to help you relax and find a sense of inner calm.  

Children & Young People 

A dynamic and creative yoga class especially for children and young people. 
Designed to improve self-esteem, concentration and self-awareness, this fun and playful class will build physical strength, coordination and encourage freedom of movement.

If you'd like to bring yoga to your school or community centre, please get in touch.

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Tailor made classes

If you'd like a bespoke yoga class tailored to your charity or community's needs – whether a combination of yoga and meditation or a mixture of mat based and chair-based yoga, we can help.


Please contact us for more details

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