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We are dedicated to making yoga accessible and affordable for all. We want to expand our reach to ensure that anyone in need can benefit from our yoga classes and programmes. And to do so, we need your help.


Whether that's making a one off donation to allow us to continue to offer our classes or setting up a monthly subscription and sponsoring a particular class or providing your skills as a volunteer, anything you can give no matter how small, would be gratefully received and appreciated.


Thank You!

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Here are some of the ways your money will be used to make a difference


£10 would pay for a yoga mat and block
£25 would pay for a teacher to deliver a class
£50 would pay for a weekly class for people in need
£100 would pay for a workshop from Lumi Foundation
£200 would pay for 1 month of yoga in the local community

We are on AmazonSmile


You can support us with every purchase you make on Amazon.

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Thank you for making a difference 

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