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Lumi Foundation - A Year In Review

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Dear Friends,

As we approach the end of 2021, it feels like a good time to spend some time contemplating the past 12 months and taking stock of where we are today.

This year has been a busy, and at times challenging, one. We have all had to navigate a very different way of life, and adapt to ever changing circumstances, all the while keeping ourselves and our families safe and healthy.

At the start of the year, we found ourselves reverting back to offering all of our classes and workshops on Zoom. While we had enjoyed our in-person classes, if even briefly, we were so grateful to offer this online option once again. At Lumi Foundation, we thrive by sharing the practice of yoga and the benefit of connection, and we weren't going to let anything get in our way.

A testament of this connection was our Spring into Spring online Yin workshop. Not letting lockdown get in the way of embracing change and renewal, and step into a new season! So many of you joined our Yin workshop online and it was one of our most attended events in lockdown!

And, you continued to show up for us, week after week, class after class. Because in its essence, Lumi Foundation is all about you friends! You show up on your mat and chair, and YOU created something truly special: a community that thrives beyond the geographical boundaries, strong together regardless of where we come from and what our circumstances are. Whether on Zoom or in person, and your energy, smiles, inspirational words and experiences are what drive our community. Without you, there would be no Lumi Foundation!

It was during this time that Lumi Foundation yogi Lorna was awarded a full scholarship to train as a yoga teacher. A dedicated and inspirational yogi who joined our Lumi Foundation classes via Maggie’s London, she committed herself to the journey of becoming a yoga teacher completely, and graduated in spring from Lumi Power Yoga studio. Fast forward a few months, she joined our very first Mentorship Programme in June, and qualified in July to become a Lumi Foundation yoga teacher. You may spot her teaching classes every week, and we are so very grateful to see her sparkly smile!

And speaking of the Mentorship Programme, we launched our very first edition this year, with some truly fabulous teachers becoming part of the Lumi Foundation teaching team. This programme is developed to give yoga teachers some extra tools to teach yoga classes in a variety of settings. The programme was completed at the end of July and our teachers have been making a difference in the Foundation ever since!

There is one thing that the Lumi Foundation really believes in, and that is the old ‘the more the merrier adagio’. The limitations created by the Covid-19 pandemic may have complicated matters, and yet where there is a will there is a way! In November 2021, our attendance reached over 1000 for the first time ever. That means over 1000 mats and chairs brought out to practice yoga with us. What an amazing testament to the community YOU create every time you join our classes!!

You may have noticed that during this year, we refreshed our website and updated our social media channels. This is because we love hearing from you and sharing with you what we love, yoga and wellbeing. So if you aren’t already following us on Instagram, go ahead and follow us at @lumifoundation! It’s a great way to stay in touch and see what’s going on in our community.

And how could we not mention our parties (aheam, fundraiser events!)?

In October we raised £1600 during our 108 Sun Salutation event. We moved, laughed and did many downward facing dogs in the fantastic setting of Riverside Studios, and you all were a part of it. Whether you joined us, donated, or supported us on Zoom, you were with us every step (or should we say plank!) of the way.

And to top the year off, our Festive Flow event in December was the most incredible celebration of the spirit of Lumi Foundation. We practiced a somewhat unconventional type of yoga (Rudolph pose was a firm favourite!!) and many lucky yogis won some quite fabulous prizes in our Festive Raffle. And while having fun, we raised over £2000 to support our charity for 2022!

Along the way, we made new friends. Among them Hammersmith United Charities, who awarded us a generous grant to help Lumi Foundation provide yoga and wellbeing for local communities based in Hammersmith. We are so thankful for this support, allowing us to do what we love best: connecting and sharing moments of wellbeing with you. And thanks to our grant from Hammersmith United Charities, we were able to launch our first ever Strong Together programme, designed to create opportunities of enquiry, conversation , and enrichment in our lives. What a great way to meet new people and create a supportive and empowering circle of friends!

And now for a little moment of gratitude (you know us! We love our gratitude circles!!). We are so grateful for the support we have received from you!

For all the giggles, the hugs, the Sun Salutations, and Tree poses. For the gift of such a beautiful community. We are grateful for each and every one of you, showing up on your mats and chairs every class.

We wish you all a very happy Christmas, filled with comfort and joy, and a brilliant start to the new year.

See you in 2022!!

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